DIY Crafting Holiday Wine Bottles

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DIY VlogHoliday #1 discussed the making & producing of the DIY Holiday Wine Bottle Décor to obtain as a gift set or just to decorate your home/office area. Items used: 1.Three clear recycled wine bottles 2. Three Spray Paint colors: Metalic Silver, Green, Metalic Gold, and Red mixed together, and White (Krylon Brand) 3. Silver, Green Red Christmas Ribbons 3 yard roll, 4. Glue gun 5. Glitter powder-Silver and White 6. Cricut Explorer 2 7. Scissors 8. Gloss Finish Spray Paint (Krylon brand) 10) Crystals (to put as Ice for Snowflake bottle) 9. Cricut Tools, Cricut Vinyl to create the Writing/Wording on Wine Holiday bottle.

Process & Steps to DIY Holiday Wine Bottle are Stated & Recorded on the Vlog. Items needed purchased at these Stores:
1. Clean all bottles and rid of tape labels. Spray Paint All Bottles with Krylon Brand
a. 1st Bottle-White Spray Paint
b. 2nd Bottle-Metalic Gold, Red, and Green (Krylon )
c. 3rd Bottle-Metalic Silver
2. Let all the Bottles Dry up to 1 hour from the Spray Paint
3. 1st Bottle-Utilizing Cricut Explorer . Prep the Word Cutter to print out the design to put on the Bottle.
a. Word-Joy
b. 1-4 inch Red Vinyl Design Sheet 4 x 6 inch measure sheet
c. Cricut tools-Cricut Wedge,
d. Cricut Transfer tape- To take transfer the word “Joy” from the Vinyl to the Transfer Tape to put onto the 1st Bottle (White Wine Bottle)
4. After transferring the Vinyl design word “Joy” to the Bottle, Design bottle with other décor art crafts; White/Silver Glitter around the Bottle.
5. 1st Bottle-Ribbon Décor-Use the Red, and Silver Glitter Ribbons
A. Cut 8-10 inches of Red, Silver ribbon 8 x 2 inches (length, and width)
B. Tie the Ribbon Bow around the top of Bottle. Using the Bunny ears method
Take a length of ribbon and make 2 Bunny ears”, leaving tail at each end. Make a cross with the Bunny ears. Wrap the top Bunny ear behind and poke through the loop at the bottom. Pull the Bunny ears tight to form a bow. (Repeat for #2 Bottle).
6. 2nd Bottle-Metalic Gold, Red, and Green (Holiday mixture)
a. Utililze the Cricut Explorer to cut out the Word, “Merry” in Green Vinyl Sheet
b. Utililze 4×6 Vinyl sheet for the Word “Merry”
c. Print it out, Peel, and Transfer to the Transfer Tape
d. Take the Transfer tape with the word “Merry” and transfer to the 2nd Bottle
e. Use Semi Gloss to use as an adhesive spray to assure the Red glitter on the Bottle is in place.
f. 2nd Bottle-Ribbon Décor-Use the Red, Green Glitter Ribbons
A. Cut 8-10 inches of Red, Silver ribbon 8 x 2 inches (length, and width) from a 3 yard roll
B. Use the Ribbon Bow method from first Bottle.
g. Utilize the cork lights to put into the second bottle. Completed 2nd bottle.
7. 3rd Bottle Snowflake Silver Bottle
a. Utilize Prism Crystals to décor the Bottle. Use Glue Gun to place the Prism Crystal to create a snowflake design
b. Use White/Silver Spray Painted pine stems to use as a Pick to put into the Bottle
Use Finish Semi Gloss-To create gloss touch to the Bottle

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