Drill Holes in Glass Easily ● Wine Bottles, Mason Jars ( in under a minute ! )

Drilling holes in glass bottles, mason jars, wine bottles, flower vases and coffee mugs is way easier than you think! These cheap glass cutting bits makes it super easy and quick to do. Drilling glass can take forever if you have the wrong bit and the glass can shatter if you use too much pressure. If you’re making a lamp, this method makes cutting holes in your glass bottle a breeze. You can cut holes in glass in less than 60 seconds with these bits.
When cutting glass, be sure to wear safety glasses and gloves.
These bits will NOT cut tempered glass.
Use a cordless drill if possible.
Electric drills are fine using caution.

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Full transparency! I am an Amazon affiliate. A small portion of each sale helps support my channel, which is very much appreciated! Thank you!

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