EASY DIY Glitter Wine Bottles | Champagne Glitter Bottle Tutorial

How to Make Glittered Champagne Bottles

Need a quick DIY to bring to the party? Why not glitterize your wine or champagne bottle? I have been seeing these glitter bottles on Pinterest and Google forever. I always said I was going to make these for my sisters 30th birthday party. These are super simple and super impressive.

What you will need:
–Mod Podge
–Clear Gloss Spray
–Glitter (any color!)
–Painters Tape
–Any glass bottle empty or full (wine, champagne, liquor, coke) we used the mini wine bottles

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After this dries a little bit, give the bottle a little shake to get any unstuck glitter off. If you see any spots that are lighter than other, paint a little more mod podge there and add some more glitter. Lastly, spray it! I took mine outside and sprayed it over some newspaper so the smell wasn’t in the house (The Mod Podge fumes were already getting to me).

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