Ozeri 5-Piece Wine Accessory Set (Bottle) Review

Review: 4/5
Good Functional Set, Great Container to Store With Your Wine.

This is a good functional set of all the tools you need, and a great functional container that fits in directly with the rest of your wine. Other box sets are stored separately on shelves, or individually thrown into a drawer. With this, all pieces stay together, and directly next to your wine bottles. Store it on a wine rack with the other bottles, and just grab it when you grab a bottle because they are together. I think it is a great idea to just keep them together with your wine. If not kept together, I probably wouldn’t bother to go dig through a drawer for the other tools other than a cork screw. So being together, it makes it very convenient to use.

The tools inside are each decent. The wine opener and stopper are the most heavy-duty. The rest are decent. And the foil cutter perhaps feels the cheapest due to plastic but it functionally identical to any others. The cork screw itself is hefty and firm. This style of cork screw is very common. Compared to some other cork screws, I still prefer my very quick lever-based cork screw that in one pump drills down and pulls out the cork, and another pump releases the cork. But that one I never keep next to my wine and have to go hunt down where I shelved it.

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The container is looks and feels a a little different than a bottle of wine. It is lighter than a bottle of wine, and has a rubbery feel from the matte finish. It looks and feels nicer than just standard plastic. Although it would have been even nicer if it were a more elegant glass exterior to feel like an actual bottle. It strikes the middle ground of being better than plastic, but not extremely elegant as it could be, and just decent in the middle.

Product Title: Ozeri 5-Piece Wine Bottle Corkscrew & Accessory Set
Model: OW06A