How to Find the Best Prosecco | Wine Folly

Find the best Prosecco with these sommelier secrets. Prosecco Superiore DOCG is the secret to top quality. Learn wine at

00:05 Prosecco outsells Champagne
00:51 What is Prosecco?
01:11 Prosecco grape
01:33 Prosecco winemaking method
01:53 How to serve Prosecco
01:56 Opening Prosecco
02:12 How to pour Prosecco
02:29 Selecting glassware
02:44 Pairing Prosecco with Food
03:21 Finding the best Prosecco
03:25 Prosecco sweetness levels
03:51 Top quality Prosecco regions
04:48 Single vineyard Prosecco Superiore wines: Rive and Cartizze
05:36 Unfiltered Prosecco “col fondo” and Sui Lieviti
05:54 Conegliano Valdobbiadene Guide

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