White Wine Class

This video is a content where even complete beginners can naturally learn about wine in English.

Although I have uploaded many wine contents so far, I felt that there was a lack of content on my channel that allows non-English speakers to easily approach wine knowledge in English while learning its basics.

I encourage you to absorb a lot of fundamental wine knowledge from my channel, and for those who are truly interested in wine, joining the ‘YouTube Wine Membership’ introduced at the end of the video will be of great help to expand your wine knowledge. It is a highly specialized and paid course. I do professional lessons and real-time feedback, conducting genuine live classes once or twice a month.

I have been continuously learning about wine and gaining a wealth of experience. I have traveled to rural areas around the world to learn about wine, mastering eight different languages one by one, and spent several years immersed in wine learning in a countryside of the United States. I have also obtained master’s degrees in wine from France, Spain, and Italy, making me well-equipped with qualified titles.

You will surely enjoy the wine journey with me!

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