Everything You Need to Know: Paso Robles Wine

Get a rundown of Paso Robles wine and taste the regions most important wines.

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Paso Robles (Pass-oh Row-buhlz), meaning Pass of the Oak Trees, has over 60 different grape varieties and almost as many microclimates! This means that despite its warm Central Coast location, we find amazingly powerful yet refreshing examples of both red and white wines.

Paso Robles Wine Chapters:

00:08 – Intro to Paso Wines
00:45 – Wine Regions
01:08 – Climate and Terroir
02:20 – Calcareous Soils
03:07 – Cabernet Sauvignon
04:14 – Petite Sirah
05:27 – Rhône Blends
06:58 – White Wines
08:06 – The Paso Wine Guide

Wines Tasted:

Austin Hope Cabernet Sauvignon – https://this.wine/v/d03030b2-dd83-4a7b-b950-1c1ea2e31820/
Brecon Estate “Estate Petite Sirah” – https://this.wine/v/e6b51841-cf7d-4af7-a5a8-429443e33c92/
Villa Creek “High Road” – https://this.wine/v/2bdc6999-2139-4565-a83a-9831a5bf2726/
Epoch Estate “White” – https://this.wine/v/0d928f94-9345-41ca-9581-fb0b58832c89/

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