Get to know the Italian Wine Podcast, the go-to wine podcast!

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Welcome to our video introducing Italian Wine Podcast, ‘Get to know the Italian Wine Podcast, the go-to wine podcast’ We love our project, and we want you to love it too…

The Italian Wine Podcast is a storytelling project dedicated to the Italian wine world; part of the Mamma Jumbo Shrimp brand of wine-related content and books. New episodes are published each day of the week so stay tuned!

Italian Wine Podcast is the first English language
podcast dedicated exclusively to the Italian wine
world. It has become the largest wine podcast in
the world.
From its very inception to the present day, it has been
the Italian Wine Podcast’s aim to inform, educate
and entertain listeners on the topic of Italian wine
through engaging conversations with producers,
experts, and personalities of the Italian wine scene.

The first Italian Wine Podcast episodes were
launched in March 2017 leading up to two major
Italian wine events: OperaWine and Vinitaly.
In its early days the main series on the Italian
Wine Podcast was hosted by wine writer and wine
expert Monty Waldin. Monty was the first writer
to specialize in organic and biodynamic wines.
In 2017 shows only aired once a week. Even though
our archive of shows are still well-loved, today,
we have different shows, on a wide array of wine
topics, airing 7 days a week; hosted by personalities
such as Professor Attilio Scienza (Professor & Chief
Scientist at Vinitaly International Academy), Steve
Raye (Author of How to Get US Market Ready),
Cynthia Chaplin IWA (Educator & Author), Marc
Millon IWA (Wine, Food & Travel Author), Stevie
Kim (Founder of Italian Wine Podcast), Polly
Hammond (Founder of 5Forests) and so many

Since inception Italian Wine Podcast has had 3 Million+
listens across 50 markets*
-The United States is the Country with the most listens, followed
by Italy, then the UK.
-Italian Wine Podcast also has a dedicated podcast channel in
China on the XimalayaFM platform.

*Including: Canada, Australia, Sweden, France, Japan, Norway,
New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Hong Kong,
Brazil, Belgium, Switzerland, South Africa, Ireland, Poland,
Spain, Russian Federation, Taiwan, Province of China, Ukraine,
Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Mexico, Austria, Republic of
Korea, India, Finland, Thailand, Turkey, Czech Republic, Portugal,
Croatia, Malta, Argentina, Philippines, Latvia, Dominican
Republic, Slovenia, Virgin Islands, U.S., Greece, Israel, Vietnam,
Saudi Arabia, Belarus, Slovakia, Peru

Podcast advertising trends and performance
Podcasting is a highly effective marketing tool for big-name brands, small businesses, and
entrepreneurs looking to grow their reach.
These stats illustrate the efficacy of the medium as an advertising platform:
60% of podcast listeners have bought something from a podcast ad.
72% of listeners who have listened to a podcast for four or more years have purchased a
sponsored ad.
69% of respondents say podcast ads increase their awareness of products, brands, and
81% say they pay attention to ads more than they do to radio, TV commercials, billboards,
and even digital ads on social media.
Ad revenue from podcasting is expected to double to $2 billion this year.

The MammaJumboShrimp family is a podcast, it’s a book & it’s a wine school – but the truth is we love Italian wine but we won’t turn our nose up at other wines!! In addition to wine, we also cover food and travel, this winning trifecta makes up our identity. Projects to date include the Italian Wine Podcast, Italian Wine Academy, and Italian Wine Books, but stay tuned because the best is yet to…watch.

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This channel aims to inform, educate and entertain wine fans through engaging tastings, conversations with producers, experts, and personalities. Wine Geeks Unite! explore our world and all we have to offer! ,

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