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A question I frequently get from you guys is that you want to know what is in my cellar. I am not going to show you everything I have because that’s private, but I want to teach you how to build a wine collection and how to store your wines to become a real wine collector.
I will also show you a few wines from my collection that you should get for your cellar too. When I started getting into wine I did not have any money, no space, and did not know enough to collect wine. I bought my wines at the supermarket or wine shops and usually opened them on the same evening. In the following years, I could not build a collection either because I moved from country to country and lived in flats where I kept my wines in cupboards and under staircases.
When we bought this house one of the reasons, I fell in love with it was this cellar, which is pretty much perfect for storing wine. It is cold, dark, and humid – just the way your wine likes it.
But you do not necessarily need a great cellar to build your collection.
There is no official definition of what makes someone a wine collector but my definition would be that a collector buys wine to build a collection of wines she or he enjoys. A wine collector therefore makes strategic long-term decisions when buying wines as opposed to just buying wine for the next dinner party. But why should you build a collection?

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