Wine & Weeds 🌿 🍷 A weeding challenge + wine tasting

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—————- S E A S O N 2 ———————–
🍷 Episode 1

—————- S E A S O N 1 ———————–
🍷 Week 1 (chickweed and thistle):
🍸 Week 2 (oxalis and bishop’s weed/goutweed):
🍷 Week 3 (jewelweed and purslane)
🍸Week 4 (broadleaf plantain and Houttuynia cordata):
🍷 Week 5 (featuring Yuliya from Y Garden):
🍸 Week 6 (crabgrass and creeping Charlie):
🍷 Week 7 (creeping bellflower and a hummer):

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